The People Of Camp Kamala

Essence B. Scott

Essence B. Scott

Our Writer / Poet in Residence

Essence B. Scott, 27,  is a writer from Trenton, New Jersey. She has had work published in the Kelsey Review, The Wall, Tangents, and others. She currently writes for The Wall newspaper. Essence writes honestly about her experiences with homelessness, her relationships, and mental illness. You can talk to Essence on Twitter @ebreeshantay or via email at

Seeking Sunlight In Sorrowful Spots

by Essence B. Scott

My mind
burrows the past below
the surface.
There is nothing here
I want to face.
It is all way too much -
all, if excavated,
would eliminate me.
However, I want to see the sun
in this sorrowful spot.
This shadow spot.
This hollow spot.
I want to see the sun.
I try to seek the sunlight in sorrowful spots.
I try to reach my hands
out to you.
Pull me up.
See me - please see me.

Kamala Nefer Atum

Our Artist in Residence

Kamala Nefer Atum is the 17-year old granddaughter of the founder to Camp Kamala and the inspiration for the camp. She is an aspiring animator and artist, and an avid horse and animal enthusiast. She will be attending OVR (Occupational / Vocational Rehabilitation) for the Residential Pet Care program this Fall 2018.


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Royce Felici

Our Animal Specialist and Cartoon Artist in Residence

Royce Felici, 19,  is on his way from Tuscon, Arizona to join us here at Camp Kamala as our walking encyclopedia of animal fact and lore. He is also an art enthusiast and will be learning the skills of landscaping and building management. He will be a permanent resident at Camp Kamala.

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